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VIDEO: Vegan baking with Erin McKenna on the Food Network


Plus, there are four more after the jump.


Thank you for bringing this information to the public, I have never been tested for a gluten allergy but I try to buy things that are gluten and dairy free. It's nice to know that people are becoming aware of the different food allergies out there.  Thank you for the wonderful recipes.

I just wonted to say thank you for making these videos! I am allergic to many of the foods, like gluten, it is nice to see that other people are allergic to. i was wondering if you shipped any of your baked goods? thanks so much! Lauren

These videos are great! I would LOVE, LOVE to see more 'alternative baking' on the Food Network. Is there any chance Erin will get her own TV show? Millions of people would be so thrilled to have someone finally baking in their 'language'!

love these videos, thank you!! I agree, there should be more vegan and gluten free chefs on food network. you rock erin!


Good job, very interesting post,

I’ve just stopped by to say thanks for this cool information. Take care!

You know what you’re doing, so keep at it.



Nice videos, although i am not total vegan and not allergic to gluten but nevertheless i will try these b.aking treats.

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