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jason.jpgI think it was about 2 days after the opening of BabyCakes NYC that Jason Schwartzman walked into the bakery and bought a cupcake. Back in those days, there were no lines and I was actually sitting at the counter reading a book (and not even a good one). Jason said he heard about the bakery from a friend and because he was vegan AND a super healthy young man he really appreciated that we used agave nectar and was well versed on the benefits of coconut oil-I might even say he was coconut obsessed (he named his band Coconut Records. Loco). He took my suggestion on the carrot cupcake (it's my fav) and off he went on a plane to another country or something (Paris? India?). He returned from his trip and headed to the bakery with about 900 friends. They had an eating contest. They mowed so much. I couldn't frost fast enough. Dang.

Anyhow-we've gotten to know each other over the years and I've become as big of a fan of his as he is of the bakery (look for his testimonial in the BabyCakes NYC cookbook out in May). I mean, did you know that between movies he has put out 2 albums? On his own record label, Young Baby Records? And that he composed and played all the music on them on top of singing? AND. It's really really good. It's like,

"WHOA. What??? Really?!?! "

Just like that. We started playing it at the bakery because the girls thought it had some good jams to frost cupcakes to, and then had so many inquiries about it from customers that we've started selling his album, Davy, at the counter. For all of you who can't make it in, we're also making it available on our website. If you are too lazy to call us, you can always download it on iTunes too. Get ready for your newest favorite!


I'm dying for Babycakes out here in L.A. as a New Yorker who knows how good your GF treats are...

what is the latest news?

I want there to be a Vegan bakery in NS. It would be awesome and wonderful. I cannot wait for your cookbook to come out. It shall be mine and used muchly.

Coconut Records = awesomeness.

Just found you guys. Very cool place. Even though I am in Portland, Oregon, I like to know where to go when I visit NY. Glad to have this lead. I found your link in someone's blog.

Excited to check out your cookbook, as I eat only natural sweeteners.

Rock on!

Wow! This shop sounds AMAZING! Coconut Records is already my maybe I can eat a cupcake next time I'm listening.:)

P.S. That cookbook will be a must buy!

I live in Sweden so it would be pretty difficult for me to get there, but i will definitly buy the cookbook :P

what a huge compliment that he was one of your first visitors! one of my readers just introduced me to your site (based on my blog's name, i'm clearly a huge fan of cupcakes) and i'm hooked. i can't wait to try out your little treats one day! xo

sounds a really nice bakery place! well, I live far far away from NYC even the states. I stumbled here from Coconut Records myspace.
I've never been to Babycakes, but someday I will. I kinda missed the freezing coldness in NYC, so I hope the fantasy cupcakes is reasonable to push me go there again. and that's so cool I can find Coconut Records albums there. I love Coconut Records! :)

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