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BabyCakes Cookbook is Coming!!!



I can't get enough! I embedded this onto my blog -- what a great and funny ad!!!

can't wait for you in LA!

Fantastic!!! Can't wait!!!

Was having a 3:30 a.m. craving and remembered these cupcakes I had in NYC about a year ago...used my edumacation (and Google) and found your site and MySpace page. So as I sat in a stupor and read your site I realized that I don't have to plan a trip to the Big Apple for your good stuff. I just have to wait...and wait...and wait for the LA location to open. Still a bit down the coast from me but will be worth the trip.

WAIT!!!!!!!! Oh no no trip to LA for my cupacake! Just watched the new video for your book and I am mesmerized...or is it smitten?!! A cupcake from the face of an angel is worth a cross-country flight. (and, yes, I get even cheesier than that) (and all of my comments are the length of a short story at the very issues with that? Uh huh...carry on then)

That is best book trailer I ever saw. It rocks and I know your book will be a hit.

I love the video!!! Congrats on the book! I hope it also helps increase awareness of celiac disease. Are you planning on doing any more gluten free cooking videos on

I am so excited! Your book has been in my 'cart' at for weeks now. Really good to know when it is coming out. I have my list of gluten-free baking items and am ready to go! Can't wait for May.

LOVE this! just put it on ANM.

Oh, hot! I was so turned on watching the frosting spreading! I even had the sound turned off. I am super duper looking forward to this book! I love the gluten-free brownie recipe that you shared w/ Martha Stewart.

You win the internets. That rocked me, rocked me, rocked me, and the cakes looked like sex!

I'm gonna go post this around.

I love the store and have visited it. I love the video and will buy the book. This video rocks. These girls are bent on making sweets healthy.

Erin - you rock. seriously. we are really big fans and cant wait for the cookbook to hit the shelves!

xoAdelaide & Amy

Shouldn't you ladies be wearing hair nets? JUST KIDDING!
Looooooved it!

See you soon!

I have had this book pre-ordered since last year on Amazon...I can't wait! I already have a line up of friends that want to borrow it. I will just have to tell them to buy it!

I tried the brownie recipe a while back and love it!

How is the cleanse going, I'm curious to know if it's any good.

Great video! I am definitely planning a visit to the store next time I'm in New York.

We keep seeing press about you in London, such a shame that we won't be able to buy the book here. Will you ever open in London? would go down a storm!!!!!!!!!! If you don't do it someone will copy you!

Will come and visit you in NYC hopefully in the summer for tasting x

Great video! Nice job Erin, Sabrina et. al !!!!!!!!!!!!

Could you tell it was fun making this video? Have have to say I woke up the next morning and couldn't move my head from all the the hair flips but it was so worth it. You haven't seen the end of the BabyCakes NYC dance videos. We're just warming up...

Hi, Erin we loved the video and it's very funny! We saw it at your dad's office as he is realy proud of you. You are doing a great job and I can't wait to see your cook book. I wish you the best!!

Hey it's sabrina, I lived in London for many years and we would love to open a bakery there, one step at a time, babysteps if you will. Just not sure what hood we would fit in? I used to live in Hoxton before it got all hip, any ideas? Would Hoxton be a good fit?

What a GREAT VIDEO!! I love it! Congratulations again on the book :-D

Love, love, love the video. I was delighted about the book but now I am elated. How could I not be with that contagious piece?

Seriously, I am so excited and will tell everyone I know about this book. Your reputation preceeds you and I have nearly shipped your cupcakes out to California for my son's birthday party (but naturally ran out of time). You have covered the bases and I am excited to dig in and start measuring (I'm not much of a baker--too precise for me--but I will try.).

Great stop at Martha's today. Congrats! You deserve it. (Posting a little link love.)

I love your video! As mom of "allergy kids", I love to see great wheat-free options. And coming from the digital media world, I think you are hitting a home run with your video content. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

I would think a hair net or two would be in order in the areas where unprotected food is laying out for loose particles and hair to fall into them. The food area should be free of loose, flying hair for everybody's sake!! I don't want to eat there anymore now because I don't know if the food has been properly protected from hairs and whatnot, and that is really sad because I love babycakes!! I've lost my appetite, though. Please wear hair nets next to the kitchen areas, PLEASE. Now I am going to really miss my usual cake most everyday. What a shame i am sad.

Sung to the tune: "paddy cake, paddy cake, bakers' men".......

Baby cakes, Baby cakes, baker's delight,
Baby cakes, Baby cakes dreamy and light!
Baby cakes, Baby cakes, now i regret,
Seeing loose, flying hair without a hair net!! :(

Still love you ALL, though!! xoxox

I lived in London for many years and we would love to open a bakery there, one step at a time, babysteps if you will. Just not sure what hood we would fit in? I used to live in Hoxton before it got all hip, any ideas? Would Hoxton be a good fit?

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