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Doughnuts are Here to Stay.


mas doughnuts.jpgUgh. I was up all night with thoughts of doughnuts: powdered sugar, glazed, maple bars, jelly-filled. I think I haven't been this excited since I mastered my frosting recipe! So I raced to work today to do a little tinkering on the recipe and the results today are even better!

So anyway. People. You have made it very clear that you want the doughnuts every day. I am so with you and it brings me teary joy to declare today the day that doughnuts will officially on the menu for good. Let's Party.


The donut I had was absolutely divine. Light as a feather, melt in my mouth fresh and wonderful. I had the toasted coconut and it tasted slightly of lemon. Definitely worth the trip from anywhere to this lovely bakery. Thank you, thank you! We are so deprived here in Atlanta.

YUM! Can't wait to go to the bakery and have one. :)

Agave sweetened donuts?

Ever since I stopped eating sugar ten years ago, I have dreamed of donuts.

I don't miss candy, chocolate, cookies, or cake.

Only donuts. Mmm. Donuts.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Doughnuts, are you serious? I'm getting in a cab right now.

OMG! I will be there in an hour!

They look SOOOOO ridiculously good. We need them in Chicago! Will you be adding these to the shipping menu? *fingers crossed*

I am on my way!!!

Just wanted to de-lurk to mention I've written a post on my Dairy-Free Diary blog about Babycakes, and the new doughnuts, specifically:

They're such a gift to people with severe allergies — like me — that I have a near evangelistic need to spread the word of their goodness.

Thanks again, and keep innovating. :)

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