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doughnuts!.jpgIn April, Veg News asked me what my dream menu item would be. I said, "The perfect vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, agave-sweetened, no-fry doughnut." After that, it really started to bug me that I hadn't been able to master that yet.

Today, my dear friends, is a big day at the bakery. I finally made the doughnuts of my dreams and they are reeeeeeeeaaaaally good. I cannot believe it! Whoooooooooooooooooooooo! YES! We are LOSING IT here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn it feels good to be a baker.


OMG!!!!! I am so excited. I may make a special foodie trip to NYC JUST to eat a doughnut again.

I can't tell you how excited I am as well!!!! WHEN are they going on the menu?! I'll come line up for them!

I bought five of your GF donuts tonight -- would've bought another but I felt sorry for a young woman who wanted to try one. One word: oh. my. god. The chocolate covered donuts are unbelievable, and I should know, since I ate "civilian" food for more than 50 years. Can't wait to try the others but MAY exercise control. I hope this becomes a regular feature... on second thought, with my expanding wasteline, I hope it DOESN'T.

Alan Olshan
Marketing Director, Paul Taylor Dance Company

Please, oh please, put these on the menu when you open in LA. I've been craving GF donuts for months!

I'm coming today!! Can we buy them yet or was that a trial run???

the chocolate doughnut was orgasmic!

My husband loved the doughnuts! What is the nutritional info (calories, fat etc.) and are they baked or fried?

I love your cookbook and would LOVE a recipe for doughnuts... Sooo, write another book and I'll buy a dozen copies if it has a doughnut recipe in it!!!

I would love to try a doughnut, I haven't been able to eat dairy for 4 years now, (which is worse because I know what I'm missing). Please please please please come and open a shop in Wales. New York is abit too far to travel to get cake and doughnuts.

Your donuts look amazing! I hope the recipe makes it into your next cookbook so those of us who live in the midwest can enjoy them!

Love your Blueberry muffins & corn bread recipes!!!!

I can't wait to try them with my daughter! She's been severely allergic to dairy since birth and is now 6. This will be a treat to be able to take her out for dessert! Thank you!

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