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Thumbnail image for newmounds.jpgThis new cookbook I'm working on is now making me candy crazy. Don't get it twisted: I still have the fever for the donuts. But! I'm branching out to candy now too. These lil guys are just like Mounds and available in-store on special days (follow us on twitter to find out when) or you can special order them!

Also on my to-do list is peppermint patties, caramel chews, and rocky road! What's on your wish list? Hit me while I'm in the inspiration tunnel. I'm serious guys. I have the attention span of a gold fish these days!


dark chocolate peanut butter cupzz!

I totally miss having kit kat bars!

Twix please! or Milky Ways! or Crunch Bars! If you'd be interested in some non-candy requests, I'd die for cheesecake, danishes, and a cream-cheese frosting alternative (especially good for the red velvet cupcakes!)

corn-free snickers alternative.

girl scout cookies! I know its not really candy, but they are so good but are unfortunately made with dairy.

I second Kit Kats.

Peppermint bark, chocolate peanut butter cups, and more corn-free offerings (a lot of gluten-sensitive people I know can't eat corn, either). I'd also very much appreciate if you didn't serve your chocolate chip cookie sandwiches frozen - twice a friend and I have been in and they were rock solid. The last time, we asked if they could be popped in the microwave for a few seconds and your staff refused. It would be ethical to tell customers that these cookie sandwiches are served frozen and that you will not heat them to make them edible. It's a giant waste of money to buy something you can't eat, and this is very hostile to the planet as well. Not cool.

Twix and Snickers, please!! Baby Ruths would be good, too....very excited about this.

Great suggestions everyone, thank you!

Sorry you don't like the frozen cookie sandwiches Jackie. I'm not trying to be hostile to the planet or customers by offering them frozen--many people have told us they prefer them this way which is why we either offer them at room temperature or frozen. We don't have a microwave at the bakery because I feel they are toxic, or else I'm sure the staff would have happily warmed them up for you! Let us know you'd like one at room temperature next time and we'll happily make one fresh just for you!

Oh, and can I just say how AMAZING your vanilla layer cake w/ mixed berry jam + lemon frosting is? It should be a permanent bakery staple!

Thanks for the offer re the cookie sandwiches. In the past, we'd been offered them at room temperature but recently only frozen has been available. Just letting the customer know that they're frozen before money is paid would be great.

Oh I can't wait to get to your store. I'm coming to New York in early April and have been dying to try out Babycakes. Your candy creations sound amazing and hopefully they will be there when I stop by.

When should we be expecting to see the cookbook on store shelves? So excited!

Wow, those look great! Athough i'm not a chocolate fanatic it would be nice to see some gummy recipes!

Got some truffles the other day.... 4 hours later... they were a bit melted... but... STILL SO YUMMY! Thanks!

Erin, you're a total inspiration to the v/gf organization!! (???!)

You should totes make a Nanaimo'd be the bombbbb!!!

Bye! xo

fleur de sel caramels
milk chocolate vanilla buttercreams...mmm

kit kats, milky way, 3 musketeers, boy any of these would be great!

ERIN---Im so excited about all the new stuff.... it looks heavenly! Can you PRETTY PLEASE with a CHERRY on TOP work on and maybe put in the new cookbook some more french pastries... like a vegan/gluten free -croissants, french macarons, Madeleines, and Canales!!! Please please please... I am counting the days till the new cookbook comes out! I can wait! xx

My suggestion:

Vegan SOFT English Toffee, but dipped in DARK chocolate
Vegan "Cadbury Eggs," but dipped in DARK chocolate
Vegan Peppermint Patties (I agree with you on that one)

and welcome to L.A.!!!

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