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Stepping Stone to Wellness and Frosting


Frosting success for Peggy! She even made those vibrant colors using a combination of India Tree and pomegranate juice.

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Check out Peggy's full blog: Stepping Stone to Wellness


Ooo girl, I was able to enjoy a fair amount of your fantastic frosting last week! Showin' some Babycakes love:

For the frosting, where can I find dry soy milk? I haven't been able to find it anywhere.

Hi I just purchased the babycakes cookbook and have been making frosting. I am having trouble with mixing of the frosting. It does not come out smooth. It is almost granular like the oil is separating or thickening instead of mixing in?

I have been having a similar problem as Andrea concerning the frosting. Tonight it came out too runny so I tried adding more dried soy milk to it and when that didn't work, I added more coconut oil to it slowly as I beat it it evenly. After adding the additional oil, the frosting began to break- (got granular). How can we tread the fine line between runny and granular? This is the first problem I have run into with the recipes in the book- everything has come out perfect until now. The meier lemon-cherry cupcakes turned out perfect! The frosting tastes great! I just want to be able to use it! :o) Thanks!

Im having the same problem. The frosting is separating in the fridge in to large solids and partial liquid. Tried bringing the frosting mixture to a warmer temperature, then blending, then cooling again but the same thing keeps happening. What next?
Please help!!!!!

I would add a little lecithin.

I am having trouble with frosting being runny. I have gone over and over. Maybe it is the dry soy milk I used. What type or brand do you use, and where do I get it?

I am having trouble with the frosting, it is very runny. I have gone over the ingredients. I think it might bethe dry soy milk I used. Can you tell me what brand and where to buy the one you use?Thanks.

hiya, i own a cafe in new zealand and have been on a never ending quest for perfect frosting that is gluten and dairy free. the best one ive ever seen is high in sugar though and really fattening but either way...
• 1/3 cup vegetable shortening (I used Spectrum brand)
• 1/8 teaspoon salt
• 2 cups gluten-free powdered sugar (i use the one thats double milled and silicone added)
• 2-3 tablespoons canned coconut milk OR your favorite dairy-free milk substitute
• 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
Place vegetable shortening and salt in a medium mixing bowl and use an electric mixer to cream. Add sugar and milk substitute and whip on high just until the frosting is smooth and creamy. If frosting is too stiff, gradually add more milk substitute, 1 teaspoon at a time.

this may help if its ingredients you can eat xxx


Thanks, I've tried the Babycakes one with soy milk powder and didn't care for it. I think if I could try another powder substitute it would be much better.

Yours looks great.

Is there a substitute for coconut flour?

Once you've frosted the cup cakes do you have to keep them cold so the frosting doesn't melt? If so doesn't that make the cupcakes dry out?

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