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Have a look at this Lemon Poppy Loaf review posted by The Healthy Hostess! To read her full blog, you can click here!

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OMG! It's like a dream come true to be included on your blog. I came by the store on Sunday this past weekend and tried the donut and wonder bun. Total bliss. My parents even came with me since I've been raving about Babycakes for a year.

Thank you.

Fussy Post! You had a massive occurrence.

i just put your book on hold at the store. i cannot wait to try out the recipes.

Well let me tell you, if Julia Child can start cooking and find her niche at thirty-seven, then the rest of us can surely find something magical, inspiring and fulfilling at any age.

i went through ur blog and found it well articulated, as i like cakes and had decided to buy that cook book from amazon.

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