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Much Love from Bon Appetit


bon appetit.jpgNow that BabyCakes Covers the Classics has been out for about 2 weeks, the reviews are starting to circulate. I am so excited, happy, relieved, and proud to see everyone putting the book to good use already and a few of you fabulous freaks have already baked your way through the book (that's MY kind of baker)!

I love/hate to pop my collar so I've restrained myself from sharing all the gorgeous reviews but this one I'm a bit proud of and want to share. Although Hannah Sullivan from Bon Appetit didn't loooove the German Chocolate Cake (It's ok! I can take it!) her review of the donuts and icing were worth sharing. Click here to check it out!

By the way, we're still accepting photos of your cookbook successes at to feature in our Cookbook Hall of Fame on the website. And! Did you know you can also email all cookbook questions there too? It's true. Ok, more from me soon...


Can't wait to get our copy!

I suggest getting a presence on Facebook so I can easily share my love for Babycakes with all my friends.

Thank you for Babycakes and all the yummy goodness you provide my family!

Hi there,

I made the donuts for a Big Lebowski Party and they were a huge hit! Same with the thin mints.

Question, I'm making red velvet cupcakes for a party this Friday. If I make them tonight, will they keep? Or should I freeze them?


Hi Erin,
Much success with the donuts, in spite of my unintended omission. I can't wait to try some of the variations. I'd like to find a donut pan that is not non-stick and wonder if you are aware of any suppliers.

Our stylists love your cupcakes. We put a post about your new book on our blog. I definitely want to try out some of your recipes!

my wife says this one hasn't cast her into the depths of frustration like the first book did. She is quite a baker (or at least I think so..maybe that's just my flabby stomach speaking), but had moments where I thought the book was going out the window...especially with the frosting recipe. Anyway she's tried a few things from the new book and they've all been awesome...Babycakes rocks! Any place that offers Stumptown coffee is golden in my book.

We love Babycakes and shared the new cookbook with our readers...Thanks a bunch for all of the delicious recipes!

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Bon Appetite thought a lot of oil was used (aka not a low cal cookbook). Really? 1/3 c. oil compared to what? Most recipes I've used pre-vegan, gluten-free used more and often much more oil and/or butter.

I can't believe Bon Appetit didn't love the German Chocolate Cake! It was the first thing I made from the cookbook and it was outstanding. My mother, a very frequent and traditional German chocolate cake baker, said it was better than hers. I thought it was amazing too and very 'traditional' tasting (although I wouldn't recommend refrigerating it - which I did because I was afraid the icing would melt, which it didn't).
Thanks Babycakes!

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