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A Peak at our Rockaway Beach Concession


Awwwwwwwwwwww!!! Here's a look at our BabyCakes new Rockaway Beach concession isn't it excellent? Lizz Hickey (with the ginger hair in the photo) made the super cool sign which is so cool. We had so much fun selling donuts on the boardwalk all weekend--you have to come check it out! We're just at the boardwalk between 96-98th. Hope to see you there real soon.


I stopped by yesterday. Had an assortmnt of the mini donuts... they were Awesome!!

So looking forward to picking up some treats on our next visit to the beach! See you soon!

heyya! i'm from toronto and am a huge fan of your cookbook (especially the donuts) i have lots of celiac friends and they and myself included (though i am not a celiac) are wondering when the hell are you going to open up a babycakes in canada? canadians need gluten-free love too. (may i suggest toronto or montreal?)

Hi, I just received your cookbook as a gift and I love it! =)

Just one question -- I tried to make the vanilla frosting and it came out all lumpy -- what am I doing wrong?

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