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Rockaway Beach, Here we Come!


rockaway.jpgThe rumors circulating are true. Andrew Field of Rockaway Taco and Jean Adamson of Vinegar Hill House invited us to be a part of their Rockaway concession takeover at 96th street! So, beginning the 28th of May, we'll be opening our first summer boardwalk concession I like to call the BabyCakes Donut and Waffle Hut. .Brooklyn Based blog breaks it down for you:

96th is going to be like going to a weekend-long music festival, with a wide variety of bands and scenes. Rockaway Taco will serve Mexican street food, according to Andrew Field. Tortas, elote (corn with cheese and mayo), ceviche and salads will complement the taco-centric menu around the corner from Rockaway Taco's original location (which opens Thursday). "We don't want to totally defeat the vibe we have going on down at the shack," said Field, explaining the two different menus.

Chef Jean Adamson (an owner of Vinegar Hill House ) and Lindsay Robinson formerly of Diner, Bonita and other Brooklyn restaurant standouts, have formed a business called Motorboat & the Big Banana that is like a fry shack with a sense of humor. They'll serve fries and dipping sauces, including a homemade cheese sauce incorporating bacon and pickles, oyster po-boys, fish and chips and seasonal items like tomato salad and raw oysters when available. They'll also sell big bananas-chocolate covered frozen bananas dipped in pretzels, peanut, toffee, the works.

The vegan bakers at Babycakes just joined the 96th Street gang as well, and Veggie Island, a farm stand around the corner that sells produce from chef favorite Guy Jones, will add smoothies and breakfast items to the mix. A few other players are still in the process of finalizing plans for the space, and there will be coffee and a bar..

We'll be slinging donuts, frozen cream sandwiches, fresh waffles for the surfers in the wee hours of the morning as well as a few unexpected twists. So get on the A train and bring your Beach Party Attitude! This summer is going to RULE!!!!


OMG!!! As a lifelong Rockaway girl, I am over the moon about this news!!!!! I can't wait to ride my bike down to get some goodies :-)

I would like to know what time is this event starts.
(Rockway & 96 at.)

The event is looking very good and will be there. Hope this will be exciting.

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