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My Business (and Sometimes Boys) Chats for Hello Giggles

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wendy!.jpgSome of you have already heard but it's worth repeating! I'm doing a new column for Hello Giggles--a new website from Sophia Rossi, Molly McAleer and Zooey Deschanel--called Conversations with BabyCakes. I plan on covering everything from business to beauty so be sure to check back regularly to see the latest!

My first conversation is with Wendy Mullin (pictured left with her cutie-pie baby, May!) of Built by Wendy. We discuss starting your own business, challenges of running it and, of course, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Check it out here! More soon...

1 Comment

I absolutely love everything you do. Your recipes are amazing and your bakery in NYC delightful! I'm excited to follow you on Hello Giggles as well. :)

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