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Get Ready LA! We're Opening on Larchmont


larch.jpgThat photo you're looking at to the left is the shell of our new BabyCakes on Larchmont! I'm beyond thrilled to tell you Los Angelesies (I made that up) that we've just signed a lease at 236 North Larchmont,formerly the Pinkberry, and we are so pumped! All the details I can divulge are here in this Eater post but I'm sure I'll have many updates to come! If all goes according to plan, we'll open the end of this December.

As the article notes, we're going to focus on donuts at this shop but also carry our cupcakes, cookies and brownies as well those waffles you've come to crave. Don't worry Upper Manhattan, San Francisco, Chicago and beyond--we're still looking for the perfect home. When we see it, we'll go for it.


So exciting - please open a store in Seattle!!! Please please please! I would come all the time!

Don't forget about ATLANTA!!!!! :)

I'm beyond excited about a San Francisco (or maybe even Berkeley!) store!!! Please hurry!! :P


when are you going to come to canada?! we need you!

Seattle, Boston and Canada... Trust me, it will be worth the wait! I've been gluten free to over 20 years. Since Babycakes came to town, I finally have to worry about gaining weight!

Thanks fantastic news! Please (PLEEEASSSEEE!!!) come to Atlanta!

Terrific news and congratulations! Larchmont is a great location.

do you realize you are opening several doors down from crumbs which has some of the best cupcakes you can buy?? geez, wish you guys luck.

Larchmont! This is awesome! I just became allergic to dairy so this news just made my day! :D

Sorry Crumbs fans - but I live in Larchmont Village and I am so happy for this because I really am not a fan of Crumbs at all. All's fair in business, so welcome babycakes! I will be stopping by for sure!

So sorry that we won't have the opportunity to be neighbors! We are not renewing our lease next door to your location (#238).

You are going to get SO much business from the Orthodox Jews in Hancock Park and Beverly/Fairfax/LaBrea--in addition to the gluten-free crowd--neither of which are really served by Crumbs. (Crumbs' supervising agency is not as widely accpeted as your RCC hechsher. Thanks for going top of the line!) Be prepared. On Friday afternoons, we kosher noshers will buy the place out, stocking up on delicious, parve, reliably kosher desserts for our Shabbes tables. I for one will be spreading the word far and wide.

I will be visiting at the end of December! I can sample everything in the new store :)I'm very happy about this.

LA is a great place to open a shop! We wish you the best of luck!

Hello, I was wondering if you guys are hiring at the moment before the store opens and if so where I can apply. Thanks!

Hello, I was wondering if you guys are hiring at the moment before the store opens and if so where I can apply. Thanks!

I found your Larchmont location so randomly. I was looking at virtual tours and found Babycakes virtual tour on this website

I was able to look in the glass case and I started salivating! I live in Hollywood so it was a quick drive for me. I was hungry so it was even faster than usual. It was sooo good. I hope you guys are here forever. Or better yet, open another one near Hollywood blvd. :)

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