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Video! BabyCakes Donut Recipe and David Lebovitz


. It is probably the best free education you'll ever come across. I first met him a few years back when he popped by BabyCakes and found him to be one of my absolute favorite people to be around. He is hilarious and knows lots about just about everything.
We made this video on his most recent trip, when he stopped by the bakery to meet some fans and sign copies of his latest book, "The Sweet Life In Paris." (Go get it now, are you crazy!?) We squeezed in a quick conversation about a bunch of things, followed by a donut tutorial from the latest BabyCakes book, "BabyCakes Covers the Classics." Then David modeled, or tried to model, the new Built By Wendy uniforms the bakery girls wear... I'm talking full almost-frontal-but-definitely-topless Lebovitz!
Thanks, David! Come back soon, please...


Awesome video! More, please?

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I love the well done! It is refreshing to see two real people with such a passion for baking!

I loved this video! I love Erin's hair and i want a babycakes dress too! How do you make the caramel? is that in the new book?

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