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Zach Galifianakis Hands Out BabyCakes


zach.jpegLast Friday afternoon we were in the throws of the typical pre-weekend mayhem at the bakery--the girls were spinning their usual magic behind the counter while the bakers fought to catch up with the line snaking out the door.

Little did we know that our lives were about to change for almost 24 hours.

At roughly 12:27 pm Zach Galifianakis entered the bakery and walked straight to the kitchen looking pensive, and wild. In a hushed urgent tone he leaned in to Kitchen Rachel and confided, "I need 500 cupcakes. Tomorrow." Gasps all around. He knew what he was asking for was outrageous and begged us to do it. He explained it was his birthday and he was doing a talk for the New Yorker Festival and he needed cupcakes from us. I swear, he was practically crying. I would have told him NO but Kitchen Rachel was already mesmerized by his red beard and accepted the order. Way to go, Kitchen Rachel.

That night and straight through Saturday me and Sabrina cursed Zach's name as we slaved over the order. Batch after batch of mini cupcakes came out of the oven and were transferred to trays for a quick cool down in order to meet the fast approaching deadline. Do you know how hard it is to frost a mini cupcake? Yeah. Now think about doing 500. Terrible. We struggled to find enough space in the refrigerator to store all the bakery boxes but somehow, we made do and got them to the theater unscathed and on time.

Sunday morning I woke up (with a very sore arm but whatever, I'm over it) to this blurb in the New Yorker:

Saturday night on West Thirty-seventh Street was a special night: Zach Galifianakis turned forty-two. To mark the occasion, he appeared in conversation with Andy Borowitz, bought five hundred gluten-free cupcakes (from Babycakes) to share with the audience, and asked everyone to serenade him with a rendition of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

That's it?!?! Thanks a lot Zach. We hope you had a really Merry Christmas.


That's awesome!!! You guys rock!

I believe a bigger shout-out was necessary. way to make 500 though, i'm impressed!

WTG bakery team!! Saved the day once again!

You guys are truly special!! Great story.


He actually made a pretty big deal about where they were from. Delish!!

Wow. Way to trash-talk a client. And your employees. And then publish it! Triple unprofessional kudos.

Apologies, Addison--Zach is a dear friend of the bakery and this post was drenched in sarcasm. Sorry it was a little too heavy on the jest...

Apologies, Addison--Zach is a dear friend of the bakery and this post was drenched in sarcasm. Sorry it was a little too heavy on the jest...

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