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I've spent countless hours roaming the aisles of every health food store in New York, scouring labels and researching products, to find the following list of ingredients. These are the socially and environmentally conscious products I know I can count on to give BabyCakes NYC's products the best flavors and crumbs.

Bob's Red Mill-

Based in Portland, Oregon, Bob's Red Mill produces a line of gluten free grains and flours using quartz millstones that deliver extremely fine flour. Bob, with his complete line of gluten free flour and responsible practices, is the bakery's best friend. We'd be lost without him!

Omega Nutrition Coconut Oil-

After trying nearly every available brand of coconut oil, I fell in love with Omega Nutrition, which has become a key ingredient at the bakery. The company uses a patented process that protects the coconut oil's nutrient-rich essential fatty acids from excessive heat, light and oxygen during production. You can taste the love that goes into this oil and you'll be absolutely shocked by how closely it mocks the taste and texture of butter.

Organic Nectars Agave Nectar-

Because our baked goods are only as good as the agave used, I knew I had to be incredibly particular about which agave I chose. Organic Nectars maintains high standards for quality and a commitment to preserving the environment. Their amber-hued syrup adds a mild sweetness that is a perfect complement to our recipes.

Singing Dog Vanilla-

Vanilla is that rich flavor that enhances the warmth and joy of any baked good. I knew that I had to find the best vanilla on the market and I came across just that when I picked up that first bottle of Singing Dog Vanilla. This is a fantastic gluten free vanilla produced by a company with their eye on the future health and well being of the world and its growers. Whether it be through their mutually beneficial relationships with family-run vanilla growers or green practices, Singing Dog Vanilla is the perfect compliment to BabyCakes NYC.

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips-

Back when we first opened, Florence Fabricant wrote us up in New York Times. She complimented our chocolate, which we all know is what we all came here for anyway. The chips aren't overly sweet and are the perfect addition to many of our desserts. Not only are Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips gluten free, vegan and kosher, they are also produced in a nut free facility.

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