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Oh, you guys are my favorites! Thank you, thank you everyone for posting really great comments and suggestions for the Fall menu.

le pain.jpgAt first, every comment was like, "Pumpkin chocolate chip!", "Pumpkin Chocolate Chip sounds good!", "What about Pumpkin Chocolate Chip?" and "Oh! Have you thought of pumpkin chocolate chip?!" I was beginning to think it was the only seasonal thing you guys were into, which was fine by me! But then a lot more ideas started rolling in and I want you to know that I've been playing around with the ingredient combos you guys suggested. It has been fun making things that I know will excite you and I'm not totally hating the flavors. Sorry! That's the best I can do with anything involving pumpkin.

Which leads me to my lunch today. I'm sitting at Le Pain Quotidien in the Village working on a secret project on my computer (details soon!) and take a glance at the menu. They have a gluten-free vegen quiche on the menu so I ordered it out of curiosity. Despite the fact that it has pureed pumpkin and a slight Thanksgiving-y finish on my palette, it's really good! I took a pic of it, like a total blogger to show you. It was definitely worth trying. I know there are a ton of small cafes and restaurants around the country that do gluten-free, vegan dishes but it's interesting to see a chain restaurant do it nicely. They have a number of locations that you can check out here .

Do you have a favorite spot for finds like this? I want to hear it! I'm traveling a lot lately and often find myself looking for options without any luck. So, let's hear it!

Gluten-Free Beer at Heathers Bar


2heathers-1.jpgOh thank God I didn't know about this sooner or I would most likely be a royal mess. Apparently Heathers bar in the east village sells gluten-free liquor and beer. I know I'm a wee bit late on this one since they've been open for years, but I guess I'm too busy baking and making dance videos that I don't get out much. Spread the word with me! Oh! You should definitely check out their live podcasts here too. I'm so into it!

New T-Shirts Are Here!


Dear Dedicated BabyCakes Blog Reader,

These just came in and look how cute they are (Becca and Lizz too)!!! Get one now for $20! And yes, we do ship (for only $5)!


BabyCakes NYC


Best of Martha TV


Thumbnail image for erin.martha.jpg

Did you ever see the episode of Martha where Snoop Dog shows her how to make mashed potatoes? Well, I think it's the best bit of TV I have ever seen. I guess Martha agrees because it's up on her homepage right now being featured as one of her best moments of TV. And guess who else made the top 5??? Me. Me! You remember the time I showed her how to make the cookies? If not, you can watch it here. And don't skip the Snoop. It's a total must.

We are SOOO Closed for Labor Day

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Thumbnail image for beach.jpgIn honor of Labor Day we'll be closed so all the BabyCakes girls can get down to some nitty-gritty work and give the basement a good scrub. Just kidding!!! I mean, we will be closed on Monday but instead of cleaning they will be free to be beach partying with the rest of you! We're back to normal hours on Tuesday. See you real soon!!!

Happy Birthday Oven!


birthday oven.jpg

Happy Birthday to our dear beloved oven! He turns 4 years old today which means our anniversary is very near. Be on the lookout for our next dance video in honor of our anniversary--along with a special promotion in honor of it all early September!

LA Sneaky Peek (Shhhhh.....)


babycakes1stlook.jpgThe plumbing is done and she's starting to get framed out! And it looks like a bus totally stops in front of the store so LA people get to know your public transit system! I'll post more pics of the progress as they roll in. Oh, LA. I cannot wait for you. I can wear a bikini all day there and no one will care, right? Rad.



doughnuts!.jpgIn April, Veg News asked me what my dream menu item would be. I said, "The perfect vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, agave-sweetened, no-fry doughnut." After that, it really started to bug me that I hadn't been able to master that yet.

Today, my dear friends, is a big day at the bakery. I finally made the doughnuts of my dreams and they are reeeeeeeeaaaaally good. I cannot believe it! Whoooooooooooooooooooooo! YES! We are LOSING IT here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn it feels good to be a baker.

Hypothetically Speaking...


Deflation-1960-Two-women--003.jpgNow...I know we talked about old favorites that you'd like to see in an imaginary book and I thank everyone for the inspirational ideas (some we actually already make but they haven't made it on the official menu yet!). The thing about it is, that I'd also like to ask you hypothetically again for some requests. What if I were to hypothetically write a "how-to" book about opening a small business. Any burning questions you'd like answered? Advice you'd like to hear? Hairstyles advise that will land you the job?

Again, I'm just asking.

This made us tear up

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Just wanted to share a touching note from customer:

stop me if you heard this before..................

I don't know where to start....I visited your bakery yesterday and got a box of 6 cupcakes and a piece of corn loaf to take home to my wife (we live all the way in Branchburg NJ). Getting a cupcake with frosting home on my 2 hour and change commute was not easy, but to do so for my wife, never a problem. The reason, I love her more than life itself! The issue of course for me is always her happiness, and for us food is one source of happiness. I happen to be an excellent cook yet I am no pastry chef by any means. That is where you came in.

First off your staff (a red headed woman) was a pleasure to deal with and she was very understanding as I explained my wife could not have soy, egg, dairy, casein, nut and gluten. She was very knowledgeable and just downright pleasant to talk to. She was critical in helping me make the "food safe" decisions I needed to make,,,,basically, which delicious cupcakes to buy and how to get them home still looking pretty!

Next stop home; I am a big fan of surprises, so after I cooked dinner I told her to close her eyes and then I sprung the cupcakes on her. With grand expectations (as my wife knows me all to well) she opened her eyes and it looked like she got her first x-mass gift. She knew I was doing research on your bakery and she basically tore into the box. After her first bite I knew they were as good as they looked (confirmed by me 30 minutes later when I had my first).

So long story short; THANK YOU......Thank you so much for baking such delicious goods that my wife now can enjoy such a simple pleasure in life again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!...... I plan on visiting you very often from now on. God Bless You....Paul and Dina Biscione, Branchburg NJ


Cupcake Pride Weekend

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gay-pride.jpgAre you in New York for Gay Pride this weekend? Then you must be stopping by BabyCakes before the parade, right? I knew it! Since our Malibu Barbie cupcakes (Malibu Rum drenched cupcake with Vanilla Pride frosting!) were such a ferocious hit last year we are bringing them back! Get here before we sell out! And bonus: if you tell us you heard about the special from our blog and we think you're showing enough spirit we'll totally give you a buy-one-get-one-free deal. Love y'all!

Cookbook Spotlight


I totally screamed with excitement when I saw this photo that Maritza from North Carolina emailed us. She made the Sweet Paradise cake adorned with Hello Kitty toppers. I don't know about anyone else, but if I were her daughter I would have hugged this cake. Yay Maritza!! sweet paradise1.jpg

Do you have photos of recipes you've made from the BabyCakes cookbook? We'd love to see them! Email us your photos and we'll post them on our blog!

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