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Tip Jar Question of the Day

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Ice Cream Sandwiches (Recipe! Recipe!)


glutenfreegirl.jpgI don't know what part of the country you are reading this from, but here in NY it was 98 degrees yesterday and pretty much more of the same today. I'm not one to complain about the heat but it does tinker with the appetite quite a bit, right? In the summer at the bakery we sell less of the cake-y stuff and pretty much anything frozen. I included a frozen cookie sandwich (an It's It mind you) in the cookbook for this very reason.

Gluten Free Girl did quite a round up recently of some products she recommends and included an adaptation of my It's It and I'm proud to say it was her daughter's first ice cream sandwich ever! Click here to check out the recipe (and some other goods she loves). Oh and by the way, if you don't already read her blog daily like I do it's time to change that.

Wall Street Journal Examines our Tip Jars

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21011tipjar.jpgOne of the reasons I love my job so much is that my employees make me laugh very hard, almost every day. When the lovely counter crew decided to prop two mason jars up to pose a daily question, a debate, in which people could tip their answers I thought it was clever and the customers enjoyed weighing in on the discussion with their hard earned dollars. Now it has become a thing. Every morning before opening the gates as we rush to dunk donuts, frost cakes and plate hot cookies we have our own debate about what the question of the day should be.

"G train on a Sunday night vs. the F train on a Monday morning?" Nah.
"Summer Hangover Vs. Summer Allergies?" Hmm, maybe?
"Drowning to death or burning to death?!" Rachel! NO. Bad.

We tend to settle on something that won't gross nor offend anyone because we are a happy place after all. Now on to the good stuff. I never thought that our first feature in the Wall Street Journal would have nothing to do with our product but here we are. It's a really great article and spikes a debate in itself. Read it here.

Now, what do you think?

A Peak at our Rockaway Beach Concession


Awwwwwwwwwwww!!! Here's a look at our BabyCakes new Rockaway Beach concession isn't it excellent? Lizz Hickey (with the ginger hair in the photo) made the super cool sign which is so cool. We had so much fun selling donuts on the boardwalk all weekend--you have to come check it out! We're just at the boardwalk between 96-98th. Hope to see you there real soon.

Vegan Black Metal Chef


Uh...I think this is probably my new favorite show. I can't take it! Watch when it gets to the tofu part, you're going to die.

I Love You, SF and SFO


napa.jpgI made a quick one-day trip to San Francisco yesterday (did you know I used to live there for 8 years from when I was 18?) and as I de-boarded I rubberknecked my way through Terminal 2. Napa Farms Market? Equator Coffee? Plant Cafe Organic? My heart raced. Should I stay for lunch? I couldn't help but beam and think to myself: These are my people! I felt completely embraced by each food concept.

Now I know it's just airport food but for a lady like me it's more than that. It's a glittering example of what is possible in the world of high volume food concession. I made a note to get to the airport early the next day to check out the food and determine whether this was yet another airport gimmick that offers restaurants and vendors with movie-set charm but terrible, terrible food or a symbol of hope.

I didn't make it to the airport early enough (lazy) but I did get to duck into Napa Farms to swipe some snacks for the long flight home. With the focus of a surgeon and only 5 minutes to shop, I scoured every morsel they had to offer. Without boring you or making you hungry I'll just say I was dazzled by the quality and execution of the salads, sandwiches and other meals and even my self proclaimed "not organic or natural" sister Bridget was put off or alienated by it. I did have a moment though. It was when I landed at the snack thing that is usually loaded with preservative packed packaged chips and stuff I stopped short. Shocked. They had my favorite Lydia's Organic Raw Crackers, gluten-free granola by some other brand I forgot to look at and this crazy popcorn that I could eat. And yerba mate! Unsweetened at that! My head was spinning and I knew if I didn't get to the register I would miss my flight. When I plunked down over $30 on impulse buys I happily swiped my card in total support of this movement.

Now, here I sit in my squished airplane seat about to tuck into a beautiful lunch and then snacks every hour on the hour. Thank you San Francisco. You are my kind of town. Let the affair begin...

San Diego Living and Warwicks

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SD6CW.jpgHey everyone! I'll be on San Diego Living (channel 6) tomorrow the 4th if May somewhere between 9-10am if you want to watch me demo the Snickerdoodle recipe from the book. Then, I'll finish the day with a Q and A session at Warwicks in gorgeous La Jolla at 7:30pm. Please stop by, you know I love to TALK. See you soon...

Much Love from Bon Appetit


bon appetit.jpgNow that BabyCakes Covers the Classics has been out for about 2 weeks, the reviews are starting to circulate. I am so excited, happy, relieved, and proud to see everyone putting the book to good use already and a few of you fabulous freaks have already baked your way through the book (that's MY kind of baker)!

I love/hate to pop my collar so I've restrained myself from sharing all the gorgeous reviews but this one I'm a bit proud of and want to share. Although Hannah Sullivan from Bon Appetit didn't loooove the German Chocolate Cake (It's ok! I can take it!) her review of the donuts and icing were worth sharing. Click here to check it out!

By the way, we're still accepting photos of your cookbook successes at to feature in our Cookbook Hall of Fame on the website. And! Did you know you can also email all cookbook questions there too? It's true. Ok, more from me soon...

Sugar, You Little Bummer...



Lots of buzz-killing information in this article that was in The New York Times Magazine this Sunday! Anyone give up sugar recently and feel the difference? I have to admit I eat some sugar every now and then these days but articles like these successfully scare me straight!

William Sonoma Book Signing, Saturday in Short Hills!


booksign.jpgJust want to remind everyone that I'll be doing a book signing at the William Sonoma in Short Hills, NJ this Saturday at 1 (we'll be giving out waffle samples too). Last night's signing and Q and A on 59th Street was really fun, I loved meeting everyone! I also bought the massive waffle iron that they were using while I was there because it made them so crispy and delicious. But that's another story. Hope some of you can make it! By the way, that's not me in the photo--it's just some random lady. Jokes! Love you, Martha.

Durham Man Gets 11 Years for Lying to Customers about Gluten-Free Bread


GLUTEN-0412_G302IK2PG.1+_MG_7782.JPG.embedded.prod_affiliate.156.jpgNot to overshadow the release of BabyCakes Covers the Classics but! This was too good to pass up and if this doesn't shake the fakers, I don't know what will! The New York Observer reported yesterday that Paul Seelig of Great Specialty Products, was found guilty this Monday of 23 counts of obtaining property by false pretense and is getting 11 years in prison.

Seelig sold bread and other baked goods that he claimed were gluten-free and homemade which he made with his own grains he raised on his 400-acre farm. In reality, he just purchased bread and rolls from a gluten-filled commercial baker in New Jersey and even bagels from Costco! The only homemade thing about them was his little low budget repackaging job he did from home.

Really?! Wow.

I think my favorite part is that he told people he raised the grains himself on 400 acres of his own land. Nice touch. Liars are so clever! So this is one down, how many more to go...

William Sonoma Baking Demo and Book Signings...


babycakes covers.jpgNew York, New Jersey and LA! I'll be doing baking demos at William Sonoma on the dates and locations below. I'll also be signing copies of my new cookbook, BabyCakes Covers the Classics: Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes from Donuts to Snickerdoodles.
Please note: I will only be signing copies of BabyCakes Covers the Classics purchased at Williams-Sonoma. Proof of purchase required (sorry!). See me Wednesday, April 13 at 6:00pm at 59th & Lexington, Saturday, April 16 at 1:00pm in Short Hills and Sunday, May 1, at 1:00pm in Santa Monica. Hope to see you there!

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