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BabyCakes Brownies in Shape Magazine


It's true, a lot of celebs come to BabyCakes to endulge and Shape Magazine shares a few names along with our Brownie Recipe feature here.


BabyCakes Cookbook Recipe in Apartment Therapy

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011811-CinnamonToastie.jpgFunny how worlds collide! Just as I'm in the midst of redecorating my apartment (read: finally putting adult furniture in it) BabyCakes Cookbook is featured on Apartment Therapy Kitchn, the website that I've been referring to obsessively as I plan my apartment's new look. They've shared the Cinnamon Sugar Toastie with you so be sure to check it out when you're in the mood to bake!

And don't forget! BabyCakes Covers the Classics, my new cookbook featuring Donuts, Waffles, Thin Mints and more will be perched on every bookstore's shelf on April 12--or you can pre-order on here to get first dibs on a copy!

BabyCakes in Japanese Spur Magazine



Allure Magazine on Location at BabyCakes


For their Fall 2010 issue Allure pops by to shoot a fashion spread at the BabyCakes storefront.


Thanks, Mom from the NY Daily News

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We are thrilled to have our Cookie Sandwiches showcased as a part of the New York Daily News' Mother's Day Gift Guide for 2010. If you'd like to place a Mother's Day order with us, please give either bakery a call at your earliest convenience. Our last shipment before Mother's Day will go out on Thursday, May 6th. We look forward to hearing from you!


Life & Style Magazine - Madonna Loves BabyCakes NYC


It looks like Life & Style Weekly let Madonna's dessert secret out of the bag. Check out the favorite; gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, vegan, agave-sweetened vanilla cupcakes with lemon frosting!

Best of New York, Donuts!

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I'm trying to find a way to act awesome and as if it's NO BIG DEAL, but that would be totally wrong of me. Actually, I'M TOTALLY LOSING IT because BabyCakes NYC just scored the coveted Best of New York award from New York Magazine for our doughnuts!!!  

Ok, for those of you who don't live in NY or don't read New York Magazine, or live in Kankakee, Illinois and therefore do not know about this list; let me explain. Every year the persnickety food editors compile a list of the best of everything to eat in NY. We made the list a few months after opening BabyCakes NYC, for Best Cupcakes in NY (thanks!) and now we've been crowned Best Vegan Treat in NY for our doughnuts. Is this life of mine really real??? What's next?!?! Thank you, New York Magazine. I will continue to refresh my Grubstreet button every 15 minutes for up-to-the-minute news in the food world. Love!!!

Here's What Erin's Cooking Up for the Super Bowl

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Healthy Hostess Recipe in the New York Post!


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BabyCakes in LA Featured on Daily Candy

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Daily Candy provides the scoop for our newly opened Downtown Los Angeles location click here.


Cookbook Chronicles in Guideposts


We were so excited to see the Cinnamon Sugar Toastie recipe in the December issue of Guideposts Magazine. Now, we are happy to share an interview with Erin about her favorite recipe, favorite ingredients and her love for pop!

Guideposts December 2009 Issue


The latest issue of Guideposts is out, featuring the recipe for a bakery favorite, the Apple-Cinnamon Toastie. There is also a great article you can check out below (click to enlarge). Guidepost.jpg

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